Reading comprehension -TOEFL- Lesson 111 (Đọc hiểu -TOEFL- Bài 111)

Đọc đoạn văn sau và trả lời các câu hỏi:

As a result of the recent oil crisis, 9.9 million of California's 15 million motorists were subjected to an odd-even plan of gas rationing. The governor signed a bill forcing motorists with license plates ending in odd numbers to buy gas only on odd-numbered days, and those 5 ending in even numbers on even-numbered days. Those whose plates were all letters or specially printed had to follow the odd-numbered plan.

Exceptions were made only for emergencies and out-of-state drivers. 10 Those who could not get has were forced to walk, bike, or skate to work.

This plan was expected to eliminate the long lines at many service stations. Those who tried to purchase more than twenty gallons of 15 gas or tried to fill a more than half filled tank would be fined and possibly imprisoned.

1. All of the following are true except

2. Those who violated the rationing program

3. The gas rationing plan was not binding on

4. California was forced to adopt this plan because

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