Từ đồng nghĩa-TOEFL, Bài số 14

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1. Part of the county area was annexed to the city in recent months.

2. In a search to further his knowledge of the unknown, man has explored the earth, the sea, and now, outer space.

3. Thomas Edison's office was always disorganized with books and papers.

4. Mail service will be suspended during the postal workers' strike.

5. Neon is an element which does not combine readily with any other element; because of this property, it is called an inactive element.

6. When Joan of Arc described her vision, her voice did not hesitate.

7. Frontier settlements had to depend on the cavalry.

8. Ralph Bunche won a Nobel Prize in 1950 for his peacemaking efforts as a United Nations diplomat.

9. Congress was hesitant to repeal the Prohibition Act.

10. American children customarily go trick-or-treating on Halloween.

11. The tetracyclines are a family of antibiotics used to infection.

12. Chemicals are used to retard the growth of ornamental trees.

13. Canada and the United States are cooperating to clean up the dirty lakes along their borders.

14. Written divorce regulations first appeared in the legal code of ancient Babylonia.

15. George Washington's armies set up an encampment at Morristown, New Jersey, for two winters during the American Revolution.

16. Domestic cats in the United States are generally classified in ten short-haired breeds and seven long-haired breeds.

17. The earliest canoes were made from hollowed tree trunks.

18. Computerized editing systems are the norm in major newsrooms today.

19. Despite the breakthrough, expectations remain modest.

20. The choir sang as a preliminary event to the ceremony.

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