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1. Taillevent's fame as a chef has endured since the 14th century.

2. The spectacle being planned for the next Fourth of July party is quite awesome.

3. With a new project the initial stages are often the key to success.

4. Some of the gangs that terrorized Chicago in the 1920s did not have the propriety to keep their activities off the streets.

5. Drink only tepid liquids.

6. People who live in the country enjoy a rustic life style.

7. Astronomy provides the knowledge necessary for correct timekeeping, navigation, surveying and mapmaking.

8. One of the responsibilities of a forest ranger is to drive slowly through the area in search of animals in distress.

9. I always thought ornithology was for older people not for teenagers.

10. Early log cabins were crude if sturdy structures.

11. The harp, with up to 47 strings, produces the most tones of any stringed instrument.

12. Marvin's doctor said he was obese and had to take immediate measures to correct the problem.

13. Recent border confrontations between the two military groups lend credence to the rumors of an impending war.

14. The students were given complimentary passes for the new movie.

15. The president's compassion for the refugees caused him to admit a very large number of them.

16. The meat must be chopped before it can be used in that recipe.

17. Neutron stars are incredibly dense stars that are formed after the explosion of a supernova.

18. Scientists believe that a 400-mile wide meteoric crater to the east of Hudson Bay may be the world's largest.

19. Caffeine is a stimulant that was originally produced from plants but now can be made under laboratory conditions.

20. Defined most broadly, folklore includes all the customs, beliefs, and traditions that people have handed down from the generation to generation.

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