Từ đồng nghĩa-TOEFL, Bài số 20

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1. During the war, many foreign lands were confiscated by the government.

2. There are many potential dangers ahead of the inexperienced scuba diver.

3. If you don't get the gist of this article ask the teacher in the morning.

4. After being told he had failed the test, the student was very discourteous, slamming the door as he left the room.

5. If a student has a grievance she can always take it up with her adviser.

6. "Uncle Tom's Cabin" has been frequently translated and often dramatized, most recently as a curiously sentimental melodrama.

7. In many areas, rainfall seeps through the soil ad creates vast subterranean reservoirs.

8. Many apartments have doors with a security window so that one may take a look outside and observe visitors without being seen.

9. They couldn't believe their eyes looking at the contortionist.

10. During the American colonial period, the capable leaders instilled a spirit of nationalism in the colonists.

11. Macrame is used to make clothing and accessories as well as ornamental items.

12. The daring young man rode through the Indian village trying to find his long-lost sister.

13. Even though the evidence is overwhelming, if one juror is still skeptical, the case must be retried.

14. If the teams were not so evenly matched, it would be easier to foretell the outcome of the Superbowl.

15. The gorilla, the largest of the apes, is now able to be bred in confinement.

16. No one knows exactly how many Pacific islands there are, but geographers estimate that there are up to 30,000.

17. A human body requires more nutrients in cold weather because more energy is necessary to maintain body temperature.

18. There are considerably more weekly newspapers than daily newspapers in the United States.

19. Approximately one-fifth of the earth's surface is composed of desert.

20. The diver's task was complicated by the fact that, besides the gold, the wreck contained bombs and ammunition.

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