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1. Engineers are still trying to come up with a commercially viable replacement for internal-combustion engines.

2. Because of the extreme pressure underwater, divers are often sluggish.

3. Some stretches of Florida resemble West Africa.

4. Feeling irritable may be a side effect of too much medication.

5. How the ancient builders were able to raise the large rocks that they used in constructing their pyramids and cities is still an unanswered question.

6. Ron O'Neal received widespread acclaim for his acting in productions of Dream on Monkey Moutain.

7. The manic depressive usually fluctuates between great excitement and deep depression.

8. Every year, each households in the United States discards approximately a ton of trash.

9. Our library's bibliography is the clearest I have ever seen.

10. After attempting to join a religious order in 1862, Auguste Rodin Afinally yielded to his inclination to pursue an artistic career.

11. Mammoth Cave, in central Kentucky, contains several subterranean lakes, rivers, and waterfalls.

12. Some critics claim that links between academics and biotechnology companies are a menace to unfettered research.

13. Though it can sense the slightest touch anywhere on the body, the brain itself is insensitive to pain.

14. The Titanic lies buried in its aqueous tomb.

15. Receptors for the sense of smell located at the top of the nasal cavity.

16. A good auditorium will assure that the sound is able to be heard.

17. Almost one half of the world's almonds are produced in California.

18. After twenty-two straight days of rain, the Illinois governor called out the National Guard to deal with the disaster.

19. The cacao tree, from whose seeds chocolate is made, flourishes in hot and humid climates.

20. In spite of his being tortured, the captured soldier did not reveal the location of the camp.

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