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1. The daring rescue of those stranded on the mountaintop was truly a creditable deed.

2. The old shack in which the sixteenth president was born is practically falling down, despite the new supports.

3. The most admired annual golf event in America is the Masters Tournament held in Augusta, Georgia.

4. Although some species are native to temperate zones, most orchids grow in damp, hot countries.

5. A monument was erected in memory of those who died in the disaster at Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

6. The bus driver left the door slightly open so that returning passengers could reboard after the rest stop.

7. In many states, when someone has an accident while driving a friend's car, both the driver and the owner of the car share the responsibility.

8. John F. Kennedy was born into a well-to-do Massachusetts family in 1917.

9. The oil embargo has not succeeded as can be seen by the number of vehicles on the roads.

10. The salon was the most elegant room Madeline had ever seen, despite its austerity.

11. In the United States 60 percent of the milk is processed into butter, cheese, ice cream, and other dairy products.

12. Sometimes, while living in a foreign country, one craves a special dish from home.

13. Like snakes, many insects grow by throwing away their skin several times.

14. Deterioration in the areas around the center of the city is a common urban problem.

15. The new accounts offered by the bank are compounded semi-annually.

16. Although salamanders are sometimes mistaken for lizards, the two are not related.

17. Three major United States television networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC, are headquartered in New York City.

18. The first published article on logarithms, complete with tables, appeared in 1614.

19. Although Florida is commonly believed to be the southernmost state in the United States, Hawaii really is.

20. Cowrie shells were once in widespread use as a token of value.

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