Từ đồng nghĩa-TOEFL, Bài số 36

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1. The library has announced that henceforth, fines on overdue books will be 25 cents per day.

2. In retrospect the 1980s weren't such a bad decade.

3. Psychologists encourage their patients not to get upset about trivial matters.

4. The candidates seemed more interested in slandering each other than in talking about the issues.

5. By 1900, many municipalities had begun to restrict the use of automobiles in order to ensure pedestrian safety.

6. The behaviour of a crystallized material, such as silicon or germanium, is very closely related to its atomic arrangement.

7. Since fingernails can be easily clipped, they are a convenient resource for those who wish to measure levels of trace elements in the body.

8. Historical records reveal that Jefferson reiterated his ideas about a meritocracy.

9. When the two senators began to fight the sergeant-at-arms interceded.

10. With the coming of the Christmas shopping season, downtown traffic is often diverted.

11. The Lincoln Tunnel connects midtown New York and Weehawken, New Jersey.

12. Diving is the leading cause of spinal-cord injuries.

13. Jane Austen's Persuasion was not published until 1818, after the author's death.

14. Twenty-five percent of Ecuador's population speak Quechua exclusively.

15. The new building was to be octagonal in shape.

16. The scientist tried to fuse the two tubes, but found it impossible to do.

17. The most admired annual golf event in America is the Masters Tournament held in Augusta, Georgia.

18. From Pavlov's work on conditioned responses in dogs came the stimulus-response theory of behavior.

19. Diffusion occurs at a slower rate in liquids than in gases.

20. Working overtime every night is much too strenuous for a sixty-year-old man.

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