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1. Washington's army, consisting mainly of farmers and backwoodsmen, lacked military supplies.

2. They have pulled down the long arcade where we used to stroll and take a cup of coffee.

3. In order to be issued a passport, one must either present legal documents or call a witness to give evidence concerning one's identity.

4. We have to be careful not to incite her suspicion when we take her to the surprise party.

5. Some psychologists insist that a child's actions should be modified by imposing a system of rewards, whereas others believe that punishment is also necessary.

6. Some people believe the aloe plant has curative properties.

7. Our Sun is a commonplace star.

8. Although they usually prey on small mammals and birds, golden eagles have also been known to band together and attack large animals.

9. She was thought infallible just because she scored A in every test.

10. Some hotels in the United States have imposed a ban on cigarette smoking.

11. Francis Marion became known as the "Swamp Fox" during the American Revolution because he and his soldiers successfully used the South Carolina swamps as a base camp for raids on the British.

12. Picasso was a well-known cubist painter.

13. The department chairman refuse to authorize the requisition.

14. Penny's impromptu speech given at the state competition won her the first prize.

15. The Congress respected Jefferson because, although he was stern, he was fair.

16. The largest cactus in the United States is the saguaro cactus, found in the areas surrounding the Gulf of California.

17. Quality control is an essential aspect of the manufacturing process.

18. Death Valley received its name because of its desolate desert environment.

19. Since 1958 the United States has been attempting to achieve worldwide unanimity on control of pollution of the oceans.

20. Having a fair attitude towards people with different ideas is an indication that one has been well educated.

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