Từ đồng nghĩa-TOEFL, Bài số 43

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1. The sabertooth tiger had very long, slender upper canines.

2. Many of the first histories of the New World were written by monks and published by the Catholic Church.

3. Married student housing is next to the campus.

4. The first major outburst of musical creativity in the United States occurred at the end of the nineteenth century.

5. In the Mesozoic period, the upward thrust of great rock masses created the Rocky Mountains and the Alps.

6. Although poisonous, many alkaloids are valuable as medicines, and some can suppress coughing.

7. Sudden rushes of wind up to one hundred miles per hour accompanied the hurricane.

8. The practical applications of the gyroscope received added impetus during the world wars.

9. Her husband is an agnostic but he still goes to church with her.

10. Congress has earmarked funds for research into alternative sources of energy.

11. A metal object such as a nail becomes a temporary magnet when it is within the range of a permanent magnet.

12. Recent research into aging suggests that the body's defense mechanisms may lose the ability to distinguish what is alien.

13. The supervisor dictated a memo to her secretary.

14. The people interviewed for the survey were randomly selected.

15. The fragrance of cedarwood seems to render it offensive to insects.

16. It is theorized that the universe is expanding at a rate of fifty miles per second per million light years.

17. Because light travels faster than sound, lightning appears to go before thunder.

18. By law, when one makes a large purchase, he must have an adequate opportunity to change his mind.

19. Quinine has been used by doctors chiefly to treat malaria.

20. The first American Thanksgiving was held in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621.

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