Từ đồng nghĩa-TOEFL, Bài số 7

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1. John's unsportsmanlike behavior caused him to be ostracized by the other members of the country club.

2. The boat went aground in the storm and regrettably all of the passengers were not saved.

3. The chief executive was speaking conservatively when he said that their profit this year would be over a billion.

4. A nuclear power plant gives off less radiation than a granite structure of similar proportion, such as the Lincoln Memorial.

5. Owners should be sure that their insurance will replace all of their merchandise.

6. Cotton cloth has been found among the ruins left by some early American Indians.

7. Mrs. Palmer was offended by the clerk's mean remark.

8. After the war of 1847, the United States took New Mexico and California.

9. The student tried to write concisely but was carried away by his verbosity.

10. From the first, President Reagan's avowed intention was to change the course of the American economy.

11. The question of why prehistoric animals became extinct has not been conclusively answered.

12. That area of the country is laced with large and often dangerous rivers.

13. The spy used a fictitious name while dealing with the enemy.

14. Migrant workers have difficulty finding steady employment.

15. The atmosphere in the police chief's office was electric with contention.

16. Mr.Jacob's sole objective is to make his firm a Fortune 500 company.

17. She discarded the cores after Nellie had baked the apple pie.

18. The first recognized Olympic Games were held in 776 B.C.

19. The gold depository at Fort Knox, Kentucky regularly contains more than $6 billion.

20. Patrick Henry delivered his speech asking for "liberty or death" at a church in Richmond, Virginia.

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