Tìm từ sai-TOEFL- Bài số 40

Tìm từ sai trong số các từ được gạch chân - Trình độ TOEFL, Bài số 40

1. In order to get married in this state, one must present a medical report along with your identification.

2. Oceans of the world exerts strong influences on the weather over the Earth's surface.

3. The virtues of ordinary life is the focus of many poems.

4. The famous aviator Charles Lindbergh was a early supporter of rocket research.

5. The senior student was not able to find out why the experiment failed, and neither his professor could.

6. Water, ice, and snow play a role in affecting an earth's rotation.

7. On the 19th century frontier, school, along with the church and the jail, was a key public building in the community.

8. The need for a well-rounded education was an idea espoused by the Greeks in time of Socrates.

9. In order to survive, trees rely to the amount of annual rainfall they receive, as well as the seasonal distribution of the rain.

10. I would of attended the meeting of the planning committee last week, but I had to deliver a speech at a convention.

11. An alligator is an animal some like a crocodile, but with a broad, flattened snout.

12. Since lightning was probably significant in the formation of life, understanding it might help us to understanding life itself.

13. Although blood lets a residue in urine and stool samples, it cannot always be detected without the aid of a microscope.

14. Each of the Intelsat satellites remain in a fixed position from which they relay radio signals to more than seventy earth stations.

15. From now on, new buildings in level one earthquake zones in the United States are to constructed to withstand a tremor without suffering structural damage.

16. As soon as the company has as enough earnings to make up for a bad year, the stockholders of cumulative preferred stock receive dividends for the bad year as well as for the good year.

17. Labor Day is always celebrated on first Monday in September.

18. To assure the safety of those workers who must handle radioactive material, the employer should not leave them enter contaminated areas without protective clothing.

19. Either a savings and loan company or a bank can borrow money to those people who want to buy a home.

20. Joel giving up smoking has caused him to gain weight and become irritable with his acquaintances.

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