Trình độ B - Bài 1

Trình độ B - Bài 1

1. You can join the club when you ________ a bit older.

2. If you ________ your money to mine, we shall have enough.

3. I'll phone as soon as I ________ to London.

4. We decided ________ at home this afternoon.

5. He kept ________ the same thing again and again.

6. They ________ our party about eleven.

7. Paul ________ with us for about nine days by now.

8. Last year I ________ all of my books in my office.

9. I'm afraid I ________ my gloves when I was walking home.

10. Mark prefers cycling ________ driving.

11. Your sister used to visit you quite often, ________?

12. After the way she treated you, if I ________ in your place, I wouldn't return the call.

13. I think that you had better ________ earlier so that you can get to class on time.

14. I have finished typing all ________ the last page.

15. There is no reason to ________ the man simply because you do not agree with him.

16. I'm a sharp cookie. There's no way anybody can pull the wool over my ________.

17. If that firm wants to attract workers, it must ________ the pay.

18. The lung transplant operation was ________ complicated and the doctors had to take special care to ensure its success.

19. Anne's boss is sometimes forgetful ________ the promises he has made.

20. I am glad so many people have passed the test. In fact, there were ________ who haven't.

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