Trình độ B - Bài 11

Trình độ B - Bài 11

1. Could you ________ me ten pounds until next payday?

2. Many kinds of ________ animals are disappearing or have already disappeared from the earth.

3. I ________ away for the next weekend.

4. She told him that if he ________ his promise, she ________ speak to him again.

5. They claimed they ________ the law.

6. I wish that we ________ with my brother when he flies to England next week.

7. The man who was driving the truck would not admit that he had been at fault, and ________.

8. John Kenedy was ________ of the United States.

9. Even when his reputation was in eclipse, almost everyone ________ that he had genius.

10. When he heard the terrible noise he asked me what was ________ on.

11. Do you ________ my turning the television on now?

12. You're really old-fashioned. It's time you got more ________ it.

13. They fooled me totally. They pulled the ________ over my eyes.

14. Too many undergraduates think it is easy to ________ a job once they leave university. Unfortunately, jobs for graduates are getting scare. Finding a suitable one is another problem.

15. Everything about her is borrowed, temporary, unstable ________.

16. The trunk of a tree or stalk of a plant is called the ________.

17. I hope you don't mind ________ to come and meet her.

18. Look at these two pieces of material I have just bought. Which do you like ________?

19. What pretty ________ earrings you are wearing, Anna!

20. They claimed they ________ the law.

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