Trình độ B - Bài 14

Trình độ B - Bài 14

1. I had ________ decided to take a coat when it started to rain.

2. I'm sorry I ________ able to see you yesterday.

3. I can't advise you what to do: you must use your own ________.

4. I ________ to any of these meetings since last April.

5. ________ to Professor Martin since last Monday?

6. There was ________ I could say.

7. Today's weather isn't as cold as it was yesterday, ________?

8. The policeman told the driver to pull over and asked, ________.

9. The other driver failed to signal his ________ to turn right so I had to brake suddenly.

10. Mary Smith decided to give up her job for the ________ of her children.

11. Stop criticising me all the time -you never stop getting ________ me.

12. He's not the sort of person to trust. He's a bad ________.

13. Unfortunately ________ built up during the race, and shortly most of the summertime boats turned to and went home.

14. Liz is two years ________ than Jane.

15. ________ he leaves or I leave.

16. If the prisoners attempt to escape from prison ________.

17. No educational system is perfect. Each one has its ________.

18. He's not very sensible as far as money ________ are concerned.

19. He is the world champion. We all know ________ he is at boxing.

20. Our plane will arrive ________ Don Muang at noon.

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