Trình độ B - Bài 20

Trình độ B - Bài 20

1. When you are riding a bicycle you should ________ the handlebars firmly.

2. If we are thinking of having a day in the country, I should like to listen to the weather ________.

3. I bought a single ticket only on the bus, but my friend bought a ________ one.

4. How much would you ________ for repairing my watch?

5. They ________ their examinations at the end of the next month.

6. It took years of research, but ________ they found the answer.

7. July 10th is my wedding anniversary. Next month, my husband and I will ________ for twenty years.

8. Tommy had his big brother ________ his shoes for him.

9. Bill came to work at the University thirty years ________ today.

10. We can become frustrated by a legal system when judges ________.

11. Don't worry about trying to catch the last train home, as we can easily ________ you up for the night.

12. The whole story is made up. It's nothing but a ________ of lies.

13. Helen is expert ________ drafting the minutes of a meeting.

14. Football is a subject I know very ________ of.

15. Her landlord gave her two month's ________ to quit.

16. The weather was ________ that we didn't go out.

17. Our plane will arrive ________ Don Muang at noon.

18. His office is only ________ away.

19. ________ in ill-fitting clothes, he smiled a warm welcome.

20. The crictic must have detested the play, for the review was not merely ________, it was ________.

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