Trình độ B - Bài 22

Trình độ B - Bài 22

1. He doesn't work now. He's ________ 65.

2. Please hurry or you will be late ________ school.

3. The cow had lost its own calf, but the farmer persuaded it to ________ one whose mother had died.

4. What's wrong with John? He ________ used to be so sad.

5. I'm afraid I've got ________ my bank as soon as possible.

6. Tomorrow he will come ________ home late.

7. Ouch! I ________ my thumb!

8. By then I ________ my driving test, I hope.

9. I hadn't expected James to apologize but I had hoped ________.

10. Our host family always invites my roommate and ________ to their house on Sundays.

11. He was dealt such a severe blow ________ stunned for several minutes.

12. You will become ill ________ you stop working so hard.

13. I don't think that red dress ________ her.

14. Take this road and you will ________ at the hotel in five minutes.

15. Could you please tell me if you have any electric typewriters ________?

16. I wouldn't believe what she says. She sounds very convincing but she's just a fast ________.

17. Mr Johnson, candidate for governor, was eulogized for his ________.

18. Don't touch that wire or you may get an electric ________.

19. A person who says things that are not true is a ________.

20. No matter how hard I tried, he kept on ________.

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