Trình độ B - Bài 5

Trình độ B - Bài 5

1. Take the juice ________ the fridge.

2. You can eat ________ you like!

3. After the battle, the ________ soldiers were helped by those who could walk.

4. I apologise ________ not writing sooner.

5. I do ________ I could speak French well.

6. Don't you think you ought ________ much harder?

7. His parents made him ________ very hard.

8. They ________ Spanish for about two years so far.

9. We ________ it with Tom and Jane a month ago.

10. We eat ________ soup with ________ spoon.

11. Since they aren't answering their telephone, they ________.

12. If you want to find good information about graduate programs in the United States, look in ________ of the College Blue Books.

13. Almost every citizen of a large city suffers ________ of organized crime.

14. Her feeling of ebullience was so contagious that all the other patients ________.

15. Our Constitution was based on the belief that the free interchange of ideas ________ the preservation of a democratic society.

16. If you take a train or a bus, you must pay a ________.

17. ________ we had driving in the country!

18. He went to a seaside resort because he was ________ on water-skiing.

19. How ________ meat did you buy?

20. There is no necessary connection between a dollar and what can be purchased for a dollar; the value of money is ________ and can be ________ by supply and demand.

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