Trình độ B - Bài 6

Trình độ B - Bài 6

1. Put the butter ________ the fridge.

2. The hotel is next ________ the bank.

3. I must have dropped my wallet ________ in the street.

4. He grew very angry when he realized how he had been ________ out of his money.

5. We ________ to take a walk now.

6. The visitors ________ all the different ways of making brandy.

7. We wish that you ________ such a lot of work, because we know that you would have enjoyed the party.

8. Would you mind ________, please?

9. We were hurrying because we thought that the bell ________.

10. He's taken his medicine, ________?

11. I'll have a cup of tea and ________.

12. If you still don't have an answer from the University of Iowa, why ________ call the admissions office?

13. That television program ________ but also entertaining.

14. Paris lies ________ the river Seine.

15. The rise in house prices ________ him to sell his house for a large profit.

16. They arrived at the destination ________.

17. The public debates were often ________, finally deteriorating into mudslinging contests.

18. Despite the fact that they had clinched the divisional title long before the end of regular season play, the team continued to play every game as though it were ________.

19. If he ________ lucky, he can get the job.

20. If I ________ the flu I would have gone with you.

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