Trình độ C - Bài 102

Trình độ C - Bài 102

1. The estate agent spent a ________ deal of time trying to persuade me to buy the house.

2. In the pub she found herself sitting ________ a well-known TV personality.

3. He has always wanted to see his name in ________.

4. If you ________ to London tomorrow, telephone me first.

5. There is no ________ in going to school if you're not willing to learn.

6. The expert ________ the painting carefully and then said it was not original.

7. Could you hang ________ a minute? I'll be right back!

8. I'm sorry I haven't got any money - I've ________ my wallet at home.

9. Books may be ________ from the library for up to three weeks.

10. She ________ her parents to let her go to England.

11. That's a nice coat, and the colour ________ you well.

12. ________ his flu, he got up and went to work.

13. You're very quiet today. What have you got on your ________?

14. In some countries, there is a terrible ________ of food.

15. There is a beautiful ________ of the old city from the terrace of their mountain house.

16. I don't like to ask people for help as a rule but I wonder if you could ________ me a favour.

17. You shouldn't get so angry ________ him.

18. Here you are at last! I ________ for you since two o'clock.

19. He has recently ________ golf to provide himself with some relaxation.

20. After several hours on the road they became ________ to the fact that they would never reach the hotel by nightfall.

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