Trình độ C - Bài 103

Trình độ C - Bài 103

1. I'm afraid I can't come to dinner on Wednesday. Could we put it ________ until next week?

2. When we visited the zoo on Sunday afternoon it was very crowded but on a weekday it's practically ________.

3. The ________ of blood always makes him feel sick.

4. Janet and Peter broke ________ a few months ago and are now living apart.

5. What John says ________ true but I very much doubt it.

6. You ________ try to make you applications a bit neater, or you'll never get a job.

7. His shoes were so old that his ________ were sticking out of them.

8. The child was made ________ everything on her plate.

9. You really ________ have come to the party, because all our old friends were there.

10. They didn't sign the contract because there were a number of points they couldn't agree ________.

11. You had better keep a box of matches ________ in case the lights go out again.

12. I was shocked ________ his refusal.

13. It is rude to stare ________ people.

14. Just guess ________ the price of this carpet.

15. How can you agree with such an idea when you are ignorant ________ the basic facts?

16. I'm surprised ________ you!

17. His lesson is going to be ________ Wednesday.

18. This hotel has ________ and you'll have to try your luck at some other hotels.

19. If I had seen this film on TV, I ________ to the cinema to see it.

20. What ________ for the last two weeks?

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