Trình độ C - Bài 17

Trình độ C - Bài 17

1. It will ________ rain later so we should go and have our picnic now.

2. I would have cleaned the house if I ________ you were coming.

3. Dave and I have ________ to meet at the bus station at 9 o'clock.

4. There is always ________ traffic in the city centre at rush hour.

5. He's a nice man but he's ________ to drink too much at parties.

6. We must get there ________ or other. If there are no buses, we'll have to take a taxi.

7. Mrs Townsend was left to make all the ________ for the outing herself.

8. She ________ type at 40 words per minute.

9. - Hilary: I shan't be more than five or ten minutes now. - Alfred: All right. I'll wait over there until ________ ready.

10. You must move your car at once, Madam; ________ I shall have to give you a ticket.

11. A manager of a large international company is often given a big ________.

12. The law states that heavy goods delivery vehicles may not carry ________ of more than fifteen tons.

13. After the water workers went on strike there was a ________ of water.

14. He's entitled to a pension, but he won't dream ________ retiring yet.

15. Mix the contents of this packet ________ a little water.

16. You can try ________ if you want to improve your English.

17. His ________ of Richard III was acclaimed as one of the best by any actor.

18. The army ________ defeat at the hands of its enemies.

19. Their accounts were completely phony. They had been cooking the ________ for years.

20. Some practical ________ is desireable for candidates interested in applying for this job.

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