Trình độ C - Bài 4

Trình độ C - Bài 4

1. If it's raining tomorrow, we shall have to ________ the match till Sunday.

2. Call in and see our ________ of spring fashions today.

3. We have no ________ in our files of your recent letter to the tax office.

4. When his aunt died, he ________ a lot of money from her.

5. Give her a telephone number to ring ________ she gets lost.

6. His parents never allowed him ________.

7. Derek is only interested ________ making money.

8. He was very upset by the ________ of his English examination.

9. The Government's action caused the rate of inflation to ________ sharply.

10. They were such good friends. I was surprised when they ________.

11. I had to leave early ________ I didn't feel very well.

12. After closing the envelope, the secretary ________ the stamps on firmly.

13. Don't be so sure ________ yourself!

14. This diary will prove useful ________ you.

15. You should not be so sensitive ________ criticism.

16. I am not familiar ________ his novels and not very keen on reading them.

17. If you want to attend a course, you should study the college ________ for full particulars of enrolment.

18. An historical novel is a form of ________ which may include many facts.

19. The relationship that matters most in the life of a ________ is the one between him and his constituency party.

20. The mysterious case of the missing millionaire has become the ________ of considerable interest in the press over the last few week.

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