Trình độ C - Bài 43

Trình độ C - Bài 43

1. She likes to sit on the balcony and ________ what goes on below.

2. "Keep ________ the good work," the teacher told the students, "and you'll all pass the exam".

3. ________ he joined the army my brother had never been abroad.

4. If you want to join the History Society, you must first ________ this application form.

5. We haven't got ________ furniture like theirs in our home.

6. The librarian went to look in the cupboard ________ rare books were kept.

7. Good teachers ________ children to be kind to each other.

8. You'll ________ yourself a lot of time if you take the car.

9. He took out a(n) ________ to the "Guardian".

10. The government ________ increase taxes soon.

11. He hit the vase with his elbow and it ________ to the floor.

12. I absolutely ________ with everything that has been said.

13. Poor Jack - he lost his homework, and he ________ do it again.

14. Students are not ________ to smoke in any of the classrooms.

15. I believe ________ this town needs is a really super disco.

16. It's still not ________ that John is going to Ravenna tomorrow.

17. Even though he was often cruel to his dog, it remained faithful ________ him.

18. She is so keen on learning, you should encourage her ________ her efforts.

19. The Bolshoi Ballet Company ________ London ________.

20. There is an increasing ________ nowadays to make films portraying violence.

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