Trình độ C - Bài 58

Trình độ C - Bài 58

1. I don't know him but he looks as if he ________ be her brother.

2. She never says a word: she's as ________ as a mouse.

3. After his long absence from school he found it difficult to ________ up with the rest of his class.

4. We got to the theatre just ________ to see the first scene of the play.

5. The job of student lodgings officer ________ a great many visits to landladies.

6. Do you ________ my turning the television on now?

7. He was not very pleased about ________ called an incompetent idiot.

8. A hot lemon drink with honey is very good ________ a cold.

9. She heard a ________ at the door and went to see who was outside.

10. Out hotel is ________ walking distance of the sea.

11. The main ________ of this drink are wine, orange juice and bitters.

12. My hands smell ________ soap.

13. I'm sure he ________ on 15th January.

14. If I see Tom, I ________ to him.

15. If I get tickets for the cinema, I ________ you up.

16. She did all the work ________ her own.

17. The police finally arrested the ________ criminal.

18. The left wing of the party propers ________ the right wing seems to be losing ground.

19. During the lecture, the student took down ________ quantities of notes.

20. Open plains are ________ of the geography of Kenya.

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