Trình độ C - Bài 59

Trình độ C - Bài 59

1. It's a good idea to see your doctor regularly for ________.

2. If we had known your new address, we ________ to see you.

3. Look, Mother! Jack has ________ you some flowers.

4. He played an active ________ in politics until he was well over 80.

5. Clock-making is very ________ work which takes years to learn.

6. She ________ him of wanting to marry her for her money.

7. It was raining very ________ so I took my umbrella.

8. The judge ________ him twenty pounds for parking his car illegally.

9. Do you know what the time the train ________ to Birmingham?

10. Mary never turned ________ at the cinema, although I waited over an hour.

11. The accused man ________ to give the police any more information.

12. Can you give me ________ information about taking my car abroad?

13. He was the only person to ________ the crash. Everyone else was killed.

14. He has always been fond ________ games.

15. I heard him ________ to Jim about his holiday plans.

16. All these sweaters are extremely ________ by the local residents of a small Scottish island.

17. Too many undergraduates think it is easy to ________ a job once they leave university. Unfortunately, jobs for graduates are getting scare. Finding a suitable one is another problem.

18. Bob's always sucking up to the boss. I guess he's ________ for promotion.

19. The poetry of Mallarme, like the poetry od most of the symbolists, is not clear and easily accessible but rather vague and ________.

20. as rich as ________ = extremely rich.

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