Trình độ C - Bài 64

Trình độ C - Bài 64

1. He ________ the office when I arrived.

2. He will do the work and then send you the ________ for it.

3. My brother is always late for appointments. He seems to be ________ of leaving the house on time.

4. Sarah would not ________ her parent's advice about her choice of career.

5. Unfortunately, Sally has never been too friendly to Jim and keeps him at a ________.

6. I ________ rather go to Ireland than Scotland for my holiday.

7. Our company is a small organization with only a few ________.

8. Catching the earlier train will give us the ________ to do some shopping.

9. I've ________ had time to read the report so I can't give an opinion on it.

10. She ________ have rushed to the airport like that. The plane was delayed by several hours.

11. Several new hotels have been built along the coast, and they have helped the tourist business ________.

12. Margaret looked embarrassed ________ than pleased when she won the prize.

13. He has been waiting for this letter for days, and at ________ it has come.

14. This year his company made a ________ but next year we hope to make a profit.

15. Even though he was often cruel ________ his dog, it remained faithful to him.

16. We expect a great deal ________ you, Smith.

17. She is well-qualified in typing and very efficient ________ her work.

18. If he ________ me to tell it to him, I would do so with pleasure.

19. I do not believe that this preposterous scheme is ________ of our serious consideration.

20. She's an excellent manager. She runs a really tight ________.

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