Trình độ C - Bài 66

Trình độ C - Bài 66

1. This is the ________ of the bicycle which was stolen.

2. It is ________ unlikely that the Queen will agree to open the new Town Hall.

3. I have lived near the railway for so long now that I've grown ________ to the noise of the trains.

4. She ________ me of the first time we met, when we knocked into each other with our umbrellas.

5. The noise got ________ as the car disappeared into the distance.

6. ________ of all the staff, I would like to wish you a happy retirement.

7. While studying he depended ________ his wife for money.

8. Never before ________ seen such an enormous wedding cake.

9. I haven't heard from Pete for ages. I wish he ________ me his phone number before he left.

10. She needs a lot of help, but she always refuses ________ advice of any kind.

11. I must apologize ________ keeping you waiting so long.

12. I appealed ________ him for help.

13. He is responding to treatment and will soon be cured ________ his illness.

14. High in the sky a ________ of birds was flying southward.

15. A director ________ over all his employees.

16. It was ________ that I burnt my mouth.

17. I ________ to read this book before I found an interesting article about it.

18. As I was ________ through the newspaper this morning. I camme across a picture of an old army friend of mine.

19. Although the comedian was very clever, many of his remarks were ________ and ________ lawsuits against him for slander.

20. There is no ________ that the new agricultural policy has been in any way disastrous.

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