Trình độ C - Bài 75

Trình độ C - Bài 75

1. The young soldier ________ a dangerous mission across the desert, although he knew that he might be killed.

2. What a lovely dress ________ on.

3. They have just released a new record called 'Starlight', ________ you must buy.

4. Because nobody admitted breaking the window, the ________ class was kept in after school.

5. It was a good attempt, but it didn't really come ________, which was a pity.

6. Your marks are poor, ________ I'm afraid you have failed.

7. Excuse me, but would you ________ talking a little bit more quietly? We are trying to work.

8. The banks seems to have credited my account with $100 in ________.

9. You think that's a good idea? I'm sorry, but I don't ________ you at all.

10. Although this wine is quite cheap, it is very ________.

11. Excuse me, do you ________ me bringing my dog into your house?

12. He has a very ________ temper and often says things he regrets later.

13. He says he's sorry ________ what he did, so you need not get angry with him.

14. I'm not satisfied ________ your work.

15. I cannot be held responsible ________ other people's mistakes.

16. I will ask him to give me my record back when I ________ him.

17. I'm afraid my speech may have ________ you as to my true aims.

18. What he told me was a ________ of lies.

19. The death penalty was ________ many years ago in this country.

20. Although the language was ________ and considered to be inferior to standard English, Robert Burns wrote his love poetry in the language of the Scots.

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