Trình độ C - Bài 81

Trình độ C - Bài 81

1. Take this road and you will ________ at the hotel in five minutes.

2. Oh no! When I was cooking these vegetables, I must have forgotten ________ any salt in.

3. They talked for three days before finally ________ to a decision.

4. My uncle is great. In our family, he's ________ his cooking.

5. The new manager explained to the staff that he hoped to ________ new procedures to save time and money.

6. The accident was your fault - you ________ have been driving so fast.

7. Do you really believe in the ________ of the evil eye?

8. Tell me ________ what happened after Jennings hit the Minister.

9. Several of the trees in the park were ________.

10. My parents ________ that they will move to the seaside when my father retries next year.

11. Are you telling me that this shirt costs $100? You ________ be joking!

12. At a dinner to mark his retirement, Neville was ________ with a silver clock.

13. Scientists everywhere are trying to ________ a cure for AIDS.

14. This passport is valid ________ all countries except China.

15. He congratulated me ________ having got engaged.

16. Don't write ________ the desk!

17. Don't blame me ________ the accident!

18. We are fortunate ________ having sufficient supplies of fuel for the winter.

19. When I came in he ________ to repair his TV set.

20. The falling inflation rate is ________ to a decrease in the amount of borrowing.

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