Trình độ C - Bài 87

Trình độ C - Bài 87

1. Good ________! I hope you win.

2. The police-officer asked us what ________ doing.

3. She decided to go to the enquiry desk ________ out when her train left.

4. The Home-Loan Company ________ the right to cancel this agreement.

5. Just as we were sitting down for the picnic it ________ began to rain.

6. I had run out of money but luckily I was able to ________ enough to get home.

7. All students leaving college at the end of term must leave their addresses so that letters can be sent ________.

8. My mother was ________ of making a cake when the front door bell rang.

9. Could you be more specific about what is ________ in this particular job?

10. From the hotel there is a good ________ of the mountains.

11. ________ the weather forecast it will rain heavily later this morning.

12. She heated the chocolate until it ________, then poured it over the cake.

13. Diana ________ over a stone and fell flat on her face.

14. I have been looking for this book for months, and ________ I have found it.

15. Children remain dependent ________ their parents for a long time.

16. Jones was dismissed ________ the firm.

17. The continents have been drifting slowly ________.

18. We'll have to call the doctor. The baby is ________.

19. He said that the plane had already left and that I ________ arrived an hour earlier.

20. Mrs Black is ________ her holiday with friends in the country.

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