Trình độ C - Bài 98

Trình độ C - Bài 98

1. It is usually better not to ________ things, in case they are not returned.

2. It's six years now since the Socialists came to ________ in that country.

3. He was killed in a car ________.

4. It's nearly two years since I last ________ to a dentist.

5. The civil servant ________ his post because he disagreed with the Minister.

6. I don't know where he lives now; he left this area many years ________.

7. There was a sudden loud ________ which made everyone jump.

8. The bill came to over a thousand dollars ________.

9. The junior Minister's remarks on television about the strike ________ the Prime Minister so much that he was sacked.

10. The police have issued a full ________ of the murderer.

11. A lot of people find ________ art very difficult to understand.

12. He was ________ of understanding anything which involved numbers.

13. If there's ________ for complaint, please inform the manager.

14. There was ________ enough cake for all of us to have a very small slice.

15. He was bitten by a mosquito, but he made things worse by ________ the bite all the time.

16. Contrary ________ my expectations there was no need to be uneasy about the results of the match.

17. She prides herself ________ her clean house.

18. Your conclusions are not consistent ________ the facts.

19. The coin was too small ________ in the grass.

20. This journal ________ in Poland for more than twelve years by now.

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