Trình độ C - Bài 99

Trình độ C - Bài 99

1. There are a lot of ________ beaches on the South Pacific islands.

2. - Cecilia: I feel another dizzy spell coming on. - Margery: I do wish ________ get round to seeing a doctor.

3. He had to go to the bank to ________ some money for his holiday.

4. When we came back from holiday our suitcases were ________ by the Customs Officers.

5. ________ you get to the Red Lion pub you will have to stop and ask for directions.

6. Your husband is very rude. If I were you, I wouldn't stand ________ it.

7. My brother had his camera ________ from his car in the office car-park.

8. The two brothers don't get ________ with each other very well; they're always fighting.

9. Teresa's father began to lose his ________ when he was in his sixties.

10. When he spoke over the telephone, his voice was so ________ that I could hardly hear him.

11. I'll see ________ the cooking tonight.

12. At what time will you call ________ me?

13. I can assure you ________ my support.

14. She wanted to borrow the record from me but she was shy ________ asking.

15. He is a mechanic and his wife works ________.

16. My parents moved to California when I was 8. I really didn't want us to move there, but I was a child, I had ________.

17. If I had been to that meeting, I ________ about it.

18. Come to see me at five o'clock. I ________ ready with my work by that time.

19. As pretty as ________ = very pretty.

20. She was ________ out of 115 applicants for the position of Managing Director.

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