Trình độ TOEFL - Bài 14

Trình độ TOEFL - Bài 14

1. In ________, the advent of the telephone, radio, and telegraph has made rapid long-distance communication possible.

2. ________ people came to the meeting than we had expected.

3. Art lovers should read ________ about what new paintings will be displayed.

4. The committee has met and ________.

5. The Cathedral of Seville enjoys the distinction ________ the largest medieval cathedral in the world.

6. Anthony Burgess is not only a successful novelist, ________ an expert linguist.

7. The Order of Elks has been in existence ________ 1868.

8. One of the puzzles still mystifying biologists is ________ what to become in an embryo.

9. The man gave ________ a diamond necklace.

10. John has not been able to recall where ________.

11. Depressant drugs ________ historically have been known to be addictive are called narcotics.

12. If Americans ate fewer foods with sugar and salt, their general health ________ better.

13. At Woolworth's first five-and-ten-cent store, ________ more than a dime.

14. ________ the end of the Ice Age around 8000 B.C., mammoths became extinct.

15. There are two basic kinds of air compressors, reciprocating and ________

16. Somerset Maugham, a novelist, ________ about a restless man's quest for inner understanding in The Razor's Edge.

17. ________, the jaguar used to roam freely in the southwestern United States.

18. When linguists encounter a new language, ________ work to identify all of the sounds it contains.

19. Air ________ the carbon dioxide necessary for photosynthesis enters leaves through tiny surface openings.

20. George did not do well in the class because ________.

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