Trình độ TOEFL - Bài 16

Trình độ TOEFL - Bài 16

1. That plant is ________ big that it should really be moved outside.

2. Generally speaking, people should have ________ as their desires will allow.

3. ________ strength of 70 horses, a forklift toils all day long in a warehouse lifting great weights.

4. Jan Malzeliger's invention, the "shoe-lasting" machine, ________ production but it also cut the cost of shoe production by half.

5. Goddard developed the first rocket to fly faster ________.

6. Some students are frightened the university ________ tuition fees to meet the rise in the cost of living.

7. It is very difficult to stop the cultivation of marijuana because ________.

8. Automobile production in the United States ________.

9. On the slope of Long's Peak in Colorado ________ the ruin of a gigantic tree.

10. ________ that the English settled in Jamestown.

11. Agronomists work to improve the quality of crops, increase the yield of fields, and ________ of the soil.

12. Nitric acid ________ copper to give off brown fumes of nitrogen dioxide.

13. Although the name was not popularized until the Middle Ages, engineering ________ civilization.

14. Penguins, the most highly specialized of all aquatic birds, may live ________ twenty years.

15. A desert receives less than twenty-five ________ of rainfall every year.

16. Most beekeepers have observed ________ at the approach of a thunderstorm.

17. The jaw structure of a snake permits it to eat and digest animals much larger than ________ .

18. When a woman becomes pregnant ________ in life, she encounters additional risks in delivering a healthy baby.

19. ________ of Country-Western singers may be related to old English ballads.

20. The United States is ________ that there are five time zones.

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