Trình độ TOEFL - Bài 19

Trình độ TOEFL - Bài 19

1. The fuel used in nuclear-powered ships is usually uranium in either the metallic ________.

2. The bank manager advised him ________ his savings into a time deposit account.

3. He bought a ________ on sale.

4. She bought ________ fruit because so many people were coming to visit.

5. Henry will not be able to attend the meeting tonight because ________.

6. The teachers have had some problems deciding ________.

7. Violence on American campuses has abated ________.

8. General Grant had General Lee ________ him at Appomattox to sign the official surrender of the Confederate forces.

9. People usually can get a sufficient amount of the calcium their bodies ________ from the food they consume.

10. Fast-food restaurants have become popular because many working people want ________

11. Small microcomputers of today can process ________ their predecessors, which were twenty times their size.

12. There were two small rooms in the beach house,________ served as a kitchen.

13. The bodies of living creatures are organized into many different systems, each of which has ________ function.

14. One's fingerprints are ________ .

15. ________ of the United States from southern New Hampshire in the north to Virginia in the south, a vast urban region has been defined as a megalopolis, that is, a cluster of cities.

16. Some plants are annuals; ________ are biennials; the rest are perennials.

17. The giraffe survives in part because it ________ the vegetation in the high branches of trees where other animals have not grazed.

18. By praying outside saloons, throwing rocks in saloon windows, and destroying saloons with her hatchet, ________.

19. Anthropologist Guy Swenson ________ that witchcraft beliefs are prevalent in societies in which social groups interact without formal mechanisms for social control.

20. When a body enters the earth's atmosphere, it travels ________.

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