Trình độ TOEFL - Bài 28

Trình độ TOEFL - Bài 28

1. The rhinoceros has a rather poor sense of smell, nor ________.

2. Before ________, they used horse-drawn wooden carts.

3. ________ for overall health.

4. Black, red, and even bright pink diamonds ________.

5. Had the fire been worse, the whole factory ________ to the ground.

6. The student was told that he could hand in the lost wallet to ________.

7. The changes in this city have occurred ________.

8. Nacy hasn't begun working on her Ph.D. ________ working on her master's.

9. ________ actress's life is in many ways unlike that of other women.

10. Management ________ as the organization and coordination of an enterprise.

11. Beavers have been known to use logs, branches, rocks, and mud to build dams that are more than a thousand ________

12. This university's programs ________ those of Harvard.

13. ________ created the donkey and elephant that symbolize the Democratic and Republican parties.

14. An equilateral triangle is a triangle ________ and three angles of equal size.

15. The definitions for "gram calories" or "calories" are ________ for most engineering work.

16. When your body does not get ________, it cannot make the glucose it needs.

17. John Dewey advocated teaching methods that provided teaching experiences for students to participate in ________ material to memorize.

18. In a liberal arts curriculum, it is assumed that graduates will ________ about English, languages, literature, history, and the other social sciences.

19. Please ________ photocopies of copyrighted material without the permission of the publisher.

20. Not until a monkey is several years old ________ to exhibit signs of independence from its mother.

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