Trình độ TOEFL - Bài 40

Trình độ TOEFL - Bài 40

1. Last year Matt earned ________ his brother, who has a better position.

2. The noise of the airplanes ________from the airport over our house was unbearable at times.

3. ________ the intermission, the kids all bought popcorn.

4. Tommy was one ________.

5. George ________ he could improve his test scores, but he did not have enough time to study.

6. If it ________ more humid in the desert Southwest the hot temperatures would be unbearable.

7. Travelers ________ their reservations well in advance if they want to fly during the Christmas holidays.

8. Not until a student has mastered algebra ________ the principles of geometry, trigonometry, and physics.

9. The cosmopolitan flavor of San Francisco is enhanced by ________ shops and restaurants.

10. ________ thirty-five African nations where the elephant still exists.

11. Starting in 1972, lightning fires in Yellowstone National Park ________to take their natural course unless they threatened park facilities.

12. Of the two new teachers, one is experienced and ________

13. The 'Consumers Price Index' lists ________.

14. Nerve impulses ________ to the brain at a speed of about one hundred yards per second.

15. In excess of 80 percent of the UN's budget is used ________ the economic development of member nations.

16. Bacterial spores germinate and sprout ________ favorable conditions of temperature andfood supply.

17. In the 1960s, due in part to the invention of air conditioning, the population of the United States ________ a dramatic geographical shift southward.

18. One of the most influential Virginians of colonial times, ________ in England.

19. High and low atmospheric pressure systems are ________ cause changing weather patterns.

20. Jupiter ________ the largest planet in the Solar System.

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