Lesson 12- Conjunctions II

  1. They got married. They had to learn to manage their own home. (after)
  2. He went crazy. His wife burnt his breakfast. (when)
  3. You can hear what I'm saying. You keep quiet. (if)
  4. I won't invite my classmates to a party. I know them well. (until)
  5. He arrived home. I had already cleaned the house. (by the time)
  6. The first quiz was easy. This one is extremelly difficult. (whereas)
  7. She's snobbish. People like her. (yet)
  8. We're broke. We can't buy anything. (since)
  9. He failed. He won't give up his ideals. (even though)
  10. He fell asleep. He was watching the film. (while)

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