Lesson 17 - Wh Questions

Who, What, Where, Why, Which, When or How

Doug: Hi, Tim. are you?

Tim: Not bad. was your Christmas?

Doug: Fantastic.

Tim: Oh! did you do?

Doug: I went home for Christmas.

Tim: is home?

Doug: Australia.

Tim: long did you go for?

Doug: I spent three wonderful weeks there.

Tim: did you leave?

Doug: I left on December 15th.

Tim: did you do in Australia?

Doug: I saw my family and friends and visited all my favorite places.

Tim: far is it to Australia?

Doug: It's eight and a half hours by plane.

Tim: airline did you take?

Doug: I took Singapore Airlines.

Tim: didn't you take Australia - Asia Airline?

Doug: Because they were booked out.

Tim: did you get back?

Doug: I got back yesterday.

Tim: met you at the airport?

Doug: My brother met me.

Tim: did you do on Christmas Day?

Doug: We had a big party at my parents house.

Tim: attended the party?

Doug: My whole family came. Everybody was there except for my sister. She couldn't come.

Tim: not? was she?

Doug: She was in another city.

Tim: city was she in?

Doug: She was here, in Chai Yi. She had come to spend Christmas with me.

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