Lesson 154 - Multiple Choice

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  1. There were ___ magazines in the convenience store.
    a. none
    b. no
    c. any
  2. The computational speed of computers ___ doubled in the last decade.
    a. have
    b. has
    c. will
  3. Would you please ___ me a cup of coffee.
    a. made
    b. got
    c. make
  4. He ___ me to go to the store and get some milk.
    a. told
    b. said
    c. spoke
  5. The dog walked ___ the road to find his master.
    a. alonge
    b. lone
    c. along
  6. Identical twins often appear exactly ___ .
    a. look
    b. alike
    c. like
  7. How ___ is it for a cup of soup?
    a. often
    b. many
    c. much
  8. At the end of the night the girls were fast ___ .
    a. asleep
    b. sleeping
    c. sleep
  9. By the time dinner began ___ bottles of milk had spoiled.
    a. double
    b. each
    c. both
  10. There was ___ much snow that school was canceled.
    a. size
    b. so
    c. such

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