Lesson 156 - The Titanic

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  1. The Titanic ___ in Belfast (Ireland).
    a. had been built
    b. was built
    c. was being built
  2. The Titanic represented the ___ word in ocean-going science and luxury.
    a. last
    b. latter
    c. late
  3. The ship started ___ maiden voyage on April 10th, 1912.
    a. her
    b. your
    c. it
  4. The Titanic ___ an iceberg and ___ on the night of April 14th, 1912.
    a. striked, sank
    b. struck, sank
    c. struck, sunken
  5. One of the Titanic's distinguishing features ___ that it was ___.
    a. was, unsinkable
    b. was, nonsinkable
    c. were, unsinkable
  6. It's believed that of the 2,224 people ___ board, about 1,500 did not survive.
    a. in
    b. at
    c. on
  7. On the lifeboats there was ___ for half of the passengers.
    a. enough room to only
    b. enough only room
    c. only enough room
  8. The great majority of the passengers ___ survived were traveling first class.
    a. whom
    b. who
    c. which
  9. Women and children were given priority ___ men when the lifeboats were lowered into the sea.
    a. to
    b. over
    c. on
  10. Nobody ___ that this was the greatest marine disaster of all time.
    a. must deny
    b. can deny
    c. has to deny

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