Lesson 79 - Verb Tenses

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  1. By the end of the year, she ___ with a degree in business.
    a. already graduates
    b. will have already graduated
    c. has already graduated
  2. As soon as I ___ home, it started to rain heavily.
    a. get
    b. got
    c. will have gotten
  3. We ___ the chance to visit many museums in Paris last vacation.
    a. had
    b. had had
    c. have had
  4. I ___ on this project for days without success.
    a. have been worked
    b. have been working
    c. had being worked
  5. Don't worry. She ___ by herself.
    a. is used to living
    b. is used to live
    c. used to living
  6. I ___ hard until I pass the TOEFL.
    a. will study
    b. study
    c. have studied
  7. Next month we ___ our 5th wedding anniversary.
    a. will be celebrated
    b. will have been celebrating
    c. will be celebrating
  8. If you ___ it, give it a go.
    a. didn't try
    b. haven't tried
    c. hadn't tried
  9. I wish I ___ a millionaire so I could travel all over the world.
    a. was
    b. had been
    c. were
  10. He ___ to class this morning because he was sick.
    a. didn't come
    b. hadn't come
    c. hasn't come
  11. He ___ it on purpose.
    a. denied having done
    b. denied have done
    c. denied done
  12. Children ___ to free education.
    a. should entitle
    b. should be entitled
    c. should to be entitled
  13. ___ a UFO?
    a. Did you ever see
    b. Do you ever see
    c. Have you ever seen
  14. Whenever I ___ talk to my boss, I get butterflies in my stomach.
    a. had to
    b. will have to
    c. have to
  15. They ___ together for five years when they decided to get married.
    a. had been
    b. have been
    c. were
  16. While the reporter ___ the policeman, the robber escaped.
    a. interviewing
    b. was interviewing
    c. had been interviewing
  17. She ___ extremelly quiet since her husband died.
    a. is
    b. has been
    c. was
  18. If he ___ with his girlfriend, he ___ now.
    a. hadn't broken up / wouldn't be suffering
    b. hadn't broken up / wouldn't suffer
    c. didn't break up / wouldn't be suffering

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