Talk about Modern inventions

Modern inventions have made life more comfortable than what it was before. More and more new things are being made in all countries throughout the world to make life even more comfortable.

In the past men had great difficulty in ploughing their lands to grow food. But, today, giant machines are used to plough thousands of acres of land. As a result, more food can be grown in a shorter time than was possible before. Food grown in one country is sent to another country where it is needed badly. To carry the food motor-vehicles, steam-ships and various other means of transport have been invented. Shortage of food in one place no longer causes anxiety as it can be brought from another place within a very short time.

The inventions of the means of transport has also made it possible for people to work in places miles away, and children can attend schools in distant places. In the past, this was not possible. The children of today are therefore better educated than those of the past. Invention of the means of transport gas also increased human activity. A man can now go to several places, and do a variety of things in a day’s time.

Other inventions like the radio and the telephone have also contributed much to human progress. The radio keeps us informed about developments in other parts of the world. We do not have to travel to know what is happening in places away from our homes. The telephone too is a convenient means of knowing about others, miles away. It helps in business transactions by reducing time and travel. A businessman in one town can talk to another in another town, several miles away, to do some important business. In all these ways, people are able to do many things without much loss of time.

In the same way, every invention has helped to increase our comforts. Televisions, for example, now makes it possible to stay at home and enjoy. At the same time, however, modern inventions have caused many deaths and much sorrows to many people. Many have lost their hands and legs, and accidents continue to occur in every increasing numbers. Yet modern inventions have made the world what it is today.

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