My hobby

To have a hobby is to know how to spend one's leisure moments. a hobby, besides providing an avenue of escape from boredom, can also add to one's knowledge of human affairs. Hobby is reading.

When my day's study is over, i sit down in the privacy of my roo and read the story. Reading the story is like still staying at childhood life. As i read the story in the various parts of the world, i feel that i am there myself observing the story. i also feel that i am having contacts with many prince and princess of the world. This feeling is a source of pleasure to me. By reading the story i have acquired a better knowledge of the world. I am aware of what dream of my future prince. I will imagine what type of future husband that i need.

After reading the story, i try to imagine all kind of things such as foxs at the story, and most of all i will imagine the prince that will live happily with princess. Through this hobby i have learned that people are everywhere the same, in all ages, and in all countries.

My hobby has deepened and widened my knowledge of man and his place in the universe. Reading, i think, has made me more human, broad-minded and sympathetic. I have little difficulty in expressing my thoughts and feelings.

Therefore, i could say that my hobby has made me a better person.

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