Talk about a frightening experience

I am not one who is frightened easily; but I must admit that one night I saw a figure that struck terror into my heart.

I remembered a moon-lit night when I was walking home on foot. I had to go on foot a few miles from a town. It was the first night of my whole life that I was alone in such a late time. There were often few people in the road at night. On that day, it seemed quieter in my consideration. Even during the day, the road was used by only some who worked in the rubber and banana plantations. While I was walking, I could hear some noises made by squirrels, insects and owls. They are creatures that love the night world. In the dark, I could see bats. There were hundreds of them in the shadows. I had a stick in my hand and moved really fast towards home. It was partly because I was hungry. I therefore moved rapidly for a dinner. All of a sudden, I caught a sight of an old lady in a short distance away. Her head was covered with a white cloth. She was waving to me, I think.

I was a bit curious. I wanted to know why she was there at that time of the late night. I stopped walking for a while. As I stood there, vague memories of stories about ghosts began to come back to my mind one after another. I was soon gripped with fear and took to my heels. I ran as fast as I could, and when I reached home I could hardly speak.

On the next day, however, I visited that place again to make sure that the woman was indeed a real person and not a ghost. But I could find no footprints there. Only a banana plant stood there with its leaves moving in the breeze. I realized then that it was the banana plant with its leaves moving in the breeze that looked like a woman waving her hand. I had indeed made a fool of myself; but after the previous night’s experience, this discovery was small relief to me.

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