Lesson 1 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to appraise; to jude the worth or quality; to assess; to gauge

2) n. brain; human faculty which reasons and judges; human consciousness that is separate from the body; memory; recollection; opinion; intention; desire

3) n. bars of gold; bars of silver

4) n. blunder, fault; error

5) v. to select; to prefer; to pick; to make a choice

6) n. manner of acting; conduct

7) n. purchase; sale; acquisition

8) v. to publish; to distribute; to circulate; to come forth; to put out; to emit; to result from

9) n. function; utilization; benefit; advantage; consumption; occasion or need to use; ability to use; practice of using

10) n. material coherence; firmness; persistence; steadfastness

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