Lesson 119 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. recession; sudden decrease; drooping posture; sl ouch; collapse; period of time in which performance is poor

2) adj. shared; belonging to more than one; ordinary; mediocre; usual; average; regular; frequent; public; of the masses

3) v. to carry; to transport; to impart or to communicate by statement, suggestion, gesture or appearance

4) n. individual's social or professional standing; position; rank; state of things; present situation

5) v. to mark; to indicate; to write one's name; to signal; to gesture; to make someone write his name; to communicate through sign language

6) n. substance obtained from a plant; essence; text paragraph; passage; excerpt; quotation (from a text)

7) n. belief in a particular thing or person; religion; trust; confidence; loyalty

8) v. to fight with fists; to put crates

9) adj. inquisitive; desiring to know and understand; odd; strange; rare

10) n. gas pedal of a motor vehicle; expansion card or other hardware item that speeds up computer operations such as the processing of graphics or floatin g-point calculations (Computers)

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