Lesson 129 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. headway; forward movement; development; advancement

2) n. merchandise; goods; item that is bought and sold; something useful

3) n. person or organization that owns part of a company

4) n. act of quitting a position; letter stating that one quits a position; relinquishment; abdication; act of giving up; submission; quiet acceptance

5) n. something that is demanded; necessity; something that is needed

6) n. something of value (property, equipment, goods, etc.); item of quality; something beneficial

7) n. device used to open locks; button on a board; something which explains or assissts in solving a problem; low island located close to a shore

8) n. part of a chair; rear part of the human body

9) n. spot; speck; part (the point) in an Internet web address

10) n. location where sick and injured people receive medical treatment

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