Lesson 13 - TOEFL Structure

1) Duke Ellington was a composer, conductor, and pianist ___ ranked as one of the greatest of all jazz figures

2) ___ became a state in 1876

3) The fragrances of many natural substances come from oils, ___ these oils may be used in manufacturing perfumes.

4) Because the saxophone is an excellent solo instrument, ___ in some important orchestral works.

5) Before Geraldine Ferraro was selected as the Democratic Party’s vice presidential candidate in 1984, no woman ___ run for national office in the United States on a major party ticket.

6) ___ reaches the cells of the body, it is oxidized, or slowly burned

7) The position of the larynx, or voice box, in the neck determines ___, swallows, and vocalizes.

8) The slide rule uses sliding scales with marks ___ numbers and their logarithms.

9) ___ executive and administrative authority in the United States government rests with a President who is elected for a four-year term.

10) ___ stereophonic phonograph records, two recordings are made of the same musical performance

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