Lesson 139 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to lock with a key; to fit; to adapt; to adjust; to tune; to supply with an explanatory device; to type into a keyboard

2) v. to eat or drink; to use up; to destroy

3) v. to appear as a large and indistinct form; to appear as larger than life; to impend; to weave fabric on a loom

4) v. to decline; to deny; to reject

5) v. to establish an agreement; to settle a dispute; to settle a disagreement by making mutual concessions

6) v. to go out of sight; to become extinct; to cease to exist; to vanish; opposite of to appear

7) v. to exchange one thing for another; to trade; to barter; to make an exchange or trade

8) v. to make happen; to bring about

9) v. to enlist or draft new members (esp. for the armed forces); to gain; to obtain; to procure

10) v. to notice; to observe; to comment; to state; to say

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